Global Warming Facts

These are some of the undisputed facts or signs of climate change:
Fact 1 – Heat waves increasing common and extreme heat is perhaps the most common sign of climate change, and also signs of global warming. It is true that there have been periods of warming and cooling over the last 5 billion years, but the change has never been so extreme. Global warming has raised the temperatures in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, resulting in the melt down of ice glaciers.
Fact 2 – Melting of mountain glaciers Over the last 150 years, scientists have been monitoring mountain glaciers and have reported that they are indeed shrinking. This is particularly true of glaciers at the lower latitudes where many of them have simply disappeared. If climate change continues all existing glaciers will have disappeared within 100 years.
Fact 3 – Ocean warming Over the last 100 years, sea level has increased to 25 cm. It is projected that over the next hundred years sea levels will rise even higher – to about 100 cm. This rise in sea levels is attributed to the melting of ice glaciers due to warmer temperatures. What does this mean? Beaches are set to lose about 50 square feet for every foot the sea level increases. Many Pacific islands will simply disappear!
Fact 4 – Wild Storms Storms are occurring more frequency and with higher intensity. Counter intuitively, water in the soil will evaporate faster, resulting in dryness between rain periods. Dry regions will become drier. In addition, hurricanes will be more severe and winds are expected to blow stronger. Wind patterns may shift.

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