Buy Now or Pay Later

"Buy USA" has  been stated as a means to preserve jobs in the United States for many years. Foreign workers, who accept pennies on the dollar for their labors, have inundated the U.S. markets with cheap products for many years, driving domestic manufacturers to seek to move their manufacturing facilities to these same foreign countries.

Now, in this time of economic downturn people are trying to stretch their scarce dollars by spending them on the cheap goods that got us into this mess in the first place.

One of the main problems in buying made in USA products is finding them. I believe we deserve to know exactly what is made here so that we can where possible show preference for these products. Stores should make a special effort to promote the sell of domestically made products. Domestically made products usually run a little higher in price, but in the long run will preserve the manufacturing base here in the U.S.. This serves everyone’s interests.

Having trouble? Here are 3 sites that can help you find USA made products. There are many more on the Internet .

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