Quantum Headaches


I read an article in the present issue of Scientific American which states in the title that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is in danger of being upset by Quantum Mechanics.

I don’t pretend to know much about either The Theory of Relativity or Quantum Mechanics, though I found the article interesting. In the world of Quantum Mechanics you are able to affect the behavior of a non-local particle by manipulating a local particle. If I understand this correctly the non-local particle can be made to mimic the local one without any type of connection between the two, no radio waves no light waves, nothing.

I began to wonder if it might not be possible to communicate via this method with other worlds in the Cosmos. Suppose you could set up some method of manipulating local particles into some form of waving hand, to attract attention. Somewhere in a distant part of the Universe perhaps a waving hand composed of manipulated particles would appear. Of course then you would also have to have a method of determining exactly where that hand might appear. Even so how would you decide where that would be. You couldn’t really use optical observations as the optical observations of distant stars is from lightwaves that could have been traveling for decades, perhaps millennia. You might end up waving your particle generated hand at a dead planet orbiting a burnt out cinder. This particle manipulation is supposed to be simultaneous locally and non-locally. 

Well, I suppose if you could generate a particle hand you might generate a particle lens as well as particle apparatus to send the images  to the local particle apparatus to observe the distant location .

Head about to explode.

I will have to purchase that book "Quantum Physics for Dummies" just to see if this is possible.


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