Grasping for Straws


What do you do if your entire life has been undermined? Your belief system shattered. Your livelihood slipping away. You have to try to preserve it the best you can, and any way you can. Even if it means acting in a manner unbecoming of those very belief systems.

In the case of Darwin’s work on evolution an entire lifestyle is threatened. Fundamentalists who believe in a straightforward meaning to the Bible have been up in arms since the 1859 release of Charles Darwin’s great work.

What to do? Since it cannot be legitimately refuted the fundamentalists have decided to lie. They have linked it to Nazism by saying it is what inspired Eugenics. It doesn’t matter that the true father of Eugenics was Sir Francis Galton who formulated the field. Citing Galton would not serve the purpose of denigrating Darwin.

After all, though, there are many cults of Christianity, many of which have decided that "lying for God" is fine and dandy.

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