Methinks the Christian Doth Protest Too Much!


Many years ago I was investigating William James for my philosophy class. This is many years before I found that I was indeed an atheist. In that time they had these immense catalogue card cabinets wherein the books were carefully indexed. Finding the particular book on William James that I wanted to possibly check out I proceeded to the stacks of books. I found that this book and all other books on William James were missing and in their place these awful Christian tracts were carefully placed. At the time I thought it peculiar, but I did not draw the connection to William James apparent atheism. I really knew nothing about his atheism. I knew only that he was a philosopher. After failing to find the needed books a couple of months in a row I went to the check out desk to find out where they were. Although at the time I suspected it had something to do with Christianity it still seemed odd that people were checking out the book and leaving their names at the desk to be the next one to check it out. I wouldn’t have been able to check out any book for months on William James as these "wonderful" Christians had them all tied up.

Now to the present: I decided to do a web search for "proofs of evolution". Instead what came up were multitudes of references from desperate Christians presenting proofs against evolution. Evolution is indeed anathema to Christian believers, and with good reason, as it completely invalidates the Biblical account of creation.

Yes, you do the search, and you will feel the desperation of these pitiful ignorant people. Please do not pity them, for even though they are ignorant, they are ignorant by choice. They have grown up or at least prefer to live in a fantasy world. They will not accept any fact that might pull them from their fantasy. They have invested their lives heavily in this fantasy. I suggest that you leave them to their fantasy as long as their belief system does not endanger others. It is futile to try to rescue someone from a river when they vehemently want to drown. Why risk your own life, or even waste a moment of time, trying to rescue those who do not want to be rescued.

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