Human Rights

The United Nations is being used in an attempt to curtail the individual rights of citizens worldwide. The OI C, the Organization of the Islamic Conference is pushing the United Nations to pass resolutions combating the "defamation of religions". These resolutions encourage U.N. member states to limit free expression out of respect for religious beliefs, particularly Islamic beliefs. It is expected that the O I C will expand the resolution to cover incidents of criticism, satire, ridicule, and sacrilege.

Unfortunately, European courts have historically  ruled to protect Christian and Jewish sentiments from offense and it will be argued it would be only fair to extend the rulings to include all Abrahamic faiths.

The United Nations over the years has been used by many countries hostile to the United States. It has become a tool of these enemies of freedom.

It is time for the United States and all free nations to leave the United Nations. It is time for the United States to tell the United Nations to get out and to stop financial support of it’s anti-American  agenda.

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