Book of Fiction Must Go!

Fictional bedtime stories entertain children. Some provide comforting stories to allow untroubled sleep. Others, like those in the Bible present visions of horror, producing macabre nightmares that could last a lifetime.

The stories presented in the Bible and instilled in youth by merciless repetition remain imprinted on individuals for the rest of their lives and are capable of prompting nonsensical behavior until the day they die.

In some cases these stories produce a kind of paralysis, wherein individuals, instead of taking necessary actions to help another, sit hands clasped together and speak to a non-existent entity. In other cases the stories produce individuals who are capable of causing calamity to visit a great number of others.

The Bible, generated solely by a primitive culture, is outdated, and until abandoned, will continue to cause the violence which permeated the primitive culture from which it came.

A high number of people are incapable of seeing the fiction and instead see truth. Until this book, the Bible, is routinely taught as being fiction, people will continue to be duped by it’s empty promises and visions.


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