Human emotions are perplexing. Anger, hatred, happiness, depression, sadness are all predictors of mood, and possibly future actions.

Anger and hatred are very negative, along with depression and sadness, these emotions are very detrimental for health, mental and physical.

So why do these negative emotions exist? Why do they cause even more damage, when suppressed?

Might these emotions be considered aberrations in evolution, mutations which have no beneficial effect? Beneficial and detrimental mutations help to drive the evolution of creatures. If a physical change results in an advantage to a creature’s survival it multiplies and prospers, if not, it does not, or does not as well as it might have.

Anger has caused many acts of violence, hatred, an extension of anger, even more, in premeditated ways.

It might be considered that anger and hatred caused creatures to oppose one another which led to those less fit, to die. Are these then to be considered tools of evolution?

Then what of happiness? Maybe happiness evolved only when it was necessary for creatures to gather into groups for mutual survival. Then cooperation was facilitated by happier moods. Smiling, happiness, could be said to display the mood of satisfaction with the state of affairs at the moment.

(Human Behavior Observation: 081214)

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