Hearts hardened at CNN Headline News

Yesterday, December 8, 2008 I witnessed a fine example of fused thinking, a mind already made up, and inflexible. The Host was going to have Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Freedom from Religion Foundation on as a short term guest. Before Annie’s appearance he repeatedly lamented the sign the FFRF had posted in the Capitol building of Washington. (Washington State I presume)

Solstice sign 1

How, he lamented, could someone put up such a devastating sign at this season of seasons? How could anyone so crassly denigrate someone’s belief system? How could someone be so insensitive to others? This set the tone of the interview.

Miss Gaylor did nevertheless appear, which is more than I could have done if so insulted. A very gutsy lady, indeed.


(human behavior observation: 081209)

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