Doing Nothing

I’m praying for you, god be with you!

Translation: There is nothing I can do for you, and I really intend to do nothing to help you, but I feel I must pretend to do something.

Humans feel a need to pretend to not be helpless and yet saying I’m praying for you, is just the same as admitting just that.

Why not just say the truth: I can not do anything to alleviate or ameliorate your present state and yet I hope that things turn out ok. Even a mundane "Best Wishes" would be preferable to a lie. Of course, where humans are concerned, the truth would be an odd commodity. It would be too refreshing to hear someone admit their inability to provide assistance, or even that they simply will not provide assistance: I could help you, but I simply don’t want to, or I am simply too freakin’ lazy to help you. Or even: I hate your guts, and though I could alleviate all your suffering, I prefer to see you suffer.

Humans seem to prefer putting forth a facade  rather than to display the simple truth. Perhaps some of this confusion is caused by a desire not to denigrate or upset the individual, or to deny that they are helpless, or that the situation really is that dire.

Sometimes you wish that people came with a truth button on their foreheads. You could reach out, depress the button, and receive the truth for a change.


(Human Observation: 081201)

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