Pigs and Horses

Animal Farm was written originally to  decry the elements of a socialist dictatorship where different classes of individuals existed. Whereas, socialism was supposed to be the people in essence ruling themselves, instead an upper crust of individuals who thought themselves better ruled those below. The upper crust, depicted by pigs, worked the lower class to death, the horses, to meet their idealistic goals.

Capitalism was supposed to be different. Alas, instead of the bourgeois in power of the people, we have business replacing the role of pigs, and the workers, the employees being the horses, who, having been worked to death, blood spurting from their sweat glands, then are cast aside.

In essence, the systems, though different in structure, compare similar in the ends. Those who consider themselves better using those who are in retrospect, their slaves.

There will never be a perfect system, as a perfect system would require perfect people of perfect morality and purpose. People are of such a flawed nature, full of avarice, that such a system will only exist in the minds of those who are presently oppressed.

(human behavior observation: 081110)

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