Election Day Twitters


Obama is a scary entity. If you were to believe the grapevine if Obama were to win we would be headed down the road to socialism. His spread the wealth comment is straight out of the Marxist handbook. Perhaps, as in many statements he has made, the spread the wealth comment was made out of inexperience, or ignorance.

If Obama wins there will be change. Will it be good or bad? Time will tell. I certainly do not see anything good in what he says.

Prediction: Based on and dependent on the propaganda surrounding this man;  If Obama wins there will be an economic calamity rivaling the Depression. Business will plummet, jobs will vanish, soup lines will form. Those left that can pay taxes will find their net income will dwindle to a non-living wage level. Misery will spread to a degree not seen in decades. If you can believe the rumors, socialism will be the state of the American economy. All that we have known will be left in ruins.

Or will it?

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