Power at any Cost

The economy of the United States seems in turmoil. The reasons for its apparent downturn are not clear. It seems to be artificially created for some hidden purpose. Confidence in the economy seems to have purposely been denigrated for some purpose. Who does this serve? It may merely be orchestrated by political forces to establish an issue for the coming elections. It seems dangerous and evil to play with peoples financial futures to manipulate an election but it is within the boundaries of human behavior. It has been observed that some politicians are so desperate to obtain power that the country itself might be forfeited in the attempt. The Democratic party in particular seems so inclined. In the past its members have lied and accepted money from foreign sources, such as China, which has attempted many times to influence election results. Supposedly this money was returned, but makes one wonder if other monies, the sources of which are better hidden, were accepted. This whole concept seems to point to the possibility that the Democratic party itself is opposed to American interests. The attainment of power at the expense of all else is not conducive to civil responsibility. It seems that what the Democratic party is saying is that if they cannot have the reigns of power in America, then there will be no America.

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