Living the Life of Riley


I have often thought that if I were born with less of an intellect, less of a thinking mind, perhaps I would enjoy life a bit more.

Imagine going through life thinking no one means you any harm, that all is rosy. Imagine even the most  asinine or hate-filled insult going right over your head with no effect.

What would this type of "sailing through life" existence require? Would an IQ of 100 or less be sufficient?

Does paranoia result from intelligence? Does paranoia result from having been previously betrayed? Why do some people, who otherwise seem very intelligent and knowledgeable, suspect everyone harbors animosity towards them? (hostility: a feeling or spirit of hostility and resentment)

Is all it takes is one insult, one suspected betrayal, perhaps one too many, to unbalance a mind precipitating paranoia?

I have been betrayed by many people. Over the years I have been insulted to a degree that I would have good reason to be wary of everyone. Yet, when I meet a new person, I find myself reacting in the same way I always have. I usually see the good side of humanity, I want to see humanity in a good light, and end up naively interacting socially time and again.

100% of the time I end up disappointed. Betrayed, or insulted.

Perhaps Paranoia is simply a protective state, and not the mental disease so many have proclaimed. Perhaps a mild form of paranoia is what is required to live in this world.(

distrust: extreme and unreasonable suspicion of other people and their motives

psychiatric disorder: a psychiatric disorder involving systematized delusion, usually of persecution )


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