Abdicate the Human Race

     Is it possible to abdicate from the human race? If done, can rights be maintained to insure that oppression does not take place?

     The Human Race is so filled with flaws that it’s continued existence is in question. So many people are involved in so many fantasies and reality is not one of them. Many fantasies are in conflict with other individual fantasies causing inefficiency, disagreements, and even violence. The saying," We are not on the same page." is true of every single person to some degree or other.

     This is no doubt the price that must be paid for individual free will. Yet it seems the result may some day spell the extinction of us all.

     What is the answer then? It certainly is not religion which has caused more heartache and tragedy than it ever ameliorated. 

Dictators enforcing individual fantasies have failed miserably.

There have been countless Gurus throughout the ages that have not persuaded sufficient numbers to make a difference.

The whole of the human race or at least a majority thereof must be involved to make a difference. Small factions can be dealt with reasonably. If the majority goes one way then perhaps there would be hope that our demise can be avoided.

Whoops! That’s just another fantasy.

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