The Confusion of Indifference

Is the alligator evil because it brings down the water buffalo? Does the wolf do a bad deed when it attacks the deer? Recent Typhoons have killed many thousands of people, earthquakes, tsunami have done the same. Does planet earth hate us? Is planet earth evil because of these natural disasters?

The alligator or wolf are not committing murder. The act they engage in is of the utmost innocence. They are indifferent to the needs of the prey. Survival is the main concern. Eat, and live, starve, and die.

Nature too, is indifferent. There is no consciousness planning to murder thousands daily. Weather develops due to heat and moisture differences around the globe. The only driving force is the heat, and sorry, heat can’t think. No consideration of living beings is made because there is nothing to consider them.

Good and Evil do exist. The minds of humans contain both. Both originated and dwell there. Yes, humans are the origin of good and evil, without humans there is no consciousness to even contemplate on the meaning of either.

Outside of humanity there is no intrinsic Good, or Evil.

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