Middle Ages Man shows up After Hundreds of Years


Amazingly, after hundreds of years, a man from the middle ages has shown up in the United States. Yes, unbelievably, dressed in garments reflecting the religious belief in rituals at the time, this man has been invited to the White House. Remarkably, this visit has taken place, and indeed, this antique of a bygone era has been treated as a head of state.

Even though this man espouses religious doctrine totally adverse to human well-being, and which has caused countless deaths and turmoil throughout the ages, he claims to be a man of peace. It is indeed a wonder that the man does not explode simply from the forces within his body that are in conflict.

Nevertheless, there were many in the White House, who, dreaming of the wonderful times that mankind endured during the Dark Ages, longingly hope for a return to those days gone by.

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