America’s Shame…America’s Ball-and-Chain January 16, 2013

We as a species measure the years in centuries. Presently we are over a decade into the twenty-first century. Even so, our past beleaguers us.

Humanity has made great strides. Our technological wit has tamed rivers, floods, and many of the diseases that in the past meant certain death. From our magnificent road systems to our marvelous flying machines, humankind has accomplished much in the way of uniting ourselves, shrinking our world.

America, specifically, the United States, has led much of the way in these advancements, improving the quality of life for all. Unfortunately, America’s place at the lead is in jeopardy. We are figuratively hamstrung, or at the very least encumbered by a weighty ball and chain. This impediment, this shame, carries the name “Fundamental Christianity”.

Our shame:

  • The Discovery Institute continues to hold seminars espousing Intelligent Design or advocating the concept of “Teaching the Controversy”. They do have this right in America, the land of the free, to do so. What is worrisome is the numbers. Such events are enjoying packed houses.
  • The Creation Museum near Petersburg, Kentucky. Some people attend this museum out of curiosity, I did. What is worrisome, is the numbers. Their parking lot is full most days. Despite the fact that attendance has not been what it was in the past, eliminating their dream of building another facility expounding on Noah’s Ark, they are still doing well.
  • Individuals from the Discovery Institute are making assertions about science, especially evolution, without any credentials from which to do so. Laypeople are listening and accepting their message. Despite the fact that credentialed scientists have debunked the messages from the Discovery Instituted makes no difference to those who wish to “believe” otherwise.

Compromised school boards, like the recent Dover, Pennsylvania school board, having been infiltrated by fundamentalist Christians, buy into the unfounded assertions by the Discovery Institute, that evolution is “just a theory”, not fact. Thankfully such actions to “teach the controversy” have been averted, so far.

These events, taking place in what has been the technological leader of the world, the United States, are viewed by the rest of the developed world with bewilderment. Restrained by these development impediments, the United States has been outstripped by countries facing no such opposition to technological achievement.

What is worrisome, is the numbers. People who, unaware, uneducated, buying into the lies promulgated by equally ignorant proponents, are great in number. Many of these unaware people do not even know the ramifications of that which they support. Will the numbers of those who are aware, educated, be enough to deflect us from this path that could ultimately lead America to third world status? Or will those people who see the ultimate destination, the decline, instead flee to better, more receptive climes? Imagine a United States bereft of the scientists, the innovators, which have given us the bounty we daily enjoy.

Some are wont to dismiss this concern as simply an over-reaction. Yet we see this issue as a daily battle, a battle between science,reason, aligned against the forces of ignorance. It takes place in our courts in the form of cases of violations by the “righteous” of the Separation of Church and State. It continues as the minorities in this country resist the efforts by the majority to impose its beliefs upon the masses. We presently stand, stalemated, protected by the few organizations which exist that use the courts and laws of the land. How long we stand, so protected, depends upon our vigilance.


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