Original Sin, Invalidated ………….. December 19, 2012

Adam and Eve

Pretending that science has not proven that Adam and Eve could not have existed, let’s examine the circumstances of the alleged original sin.

God placed the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. With God’s vast array of abilities he could have placed the tree in question … any … where … he … wanted. He chose to place it in full view of his creation, Adam and Eve. This presented a severe temptation for these new life forms.

God forbid the two humans from ever eating from the tree of knowledge. What kind of knowledge? The knowledge of good and evil. Curiosity, abounding in the newly formed humans, drove them to desire to know why the tree of knowledge was forbidden.

Wouldn’t you know it? Those pesky humans went ahead and ate up some of the fruit from the tree of knowledge anyway. They realized afterwards that they were naked, and took measures to hide themselves.

Of course God, seeing the newly clothed humans, that is, after finding them(guess he didn’t know everything back then), knew right away of their transgressions. God immediately condemned them and sent them packing from the Garden of Eden. No more paradise for those devious humans, no sir.

But… were they guilty? No, and here’s why…

How could Adam and Eve had known it was evil to disobey God and eat from the tree of knowledge, if they hadn’t yet eaten from it? They were newbies! Case closed. Besides, snakes don’t talk.


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