A rose by any other name….

Christianity has been unable to force the teaching of creationism in schools. Having failed they changed it’s name and dressed it in pseudo-scientific speak calling it Intelligent Design. They also failed to force this into the public schools as well.

Many moderate Christians today have been accused of picking and choosing parts of the Bible they want to believe, ignoring things therein that would get them into trouble in this day and age. Examples: Stoning gay people, murdering their own children because the little ones didn’t show adequate respect for God, and slaughtering un-believers as required in the Bible.

When fundamentalists are accused of picking and choosing in these modern times, they also have simply labeled it something else. Instead of "pick and Choose" they now call it "progression of redemptive history". Same thing, different label. I say, if it was potatoes yesterday, and you changed the label to peas today, it’s still potatoes.

By using the cloak of "progression of redemptive history" the scriptures can be reinterpreted in any fashion needed. In this way, things in the Bible that have become socially unacceptable can be interpreted away, or said to no longer be valid due to Jesus’s redemptive powers, despite the fact that Jesus adamantly said he did not come to change even one jot or tittle of any of the old laws. In the end, because Jesus said he did not come to change the law, those that are involved in this reinterpretation are involved in heresy, pure and simple when the interpretations are compared to the original intended meanings.

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