Long Term Hoax Must Stop


A hoax has plagued mankind for thousands of years. It has caused war, turmoil and animosity among various peoples all during this time period. It has caused families to split up, wasted enormous amounts of resources and stunted the advancement of civilization. It has turned brother against brother, sister against sister. It has manifested itself with rituals bizarre and contrary to normal behavior.

This abominable hoax was initiated by a group of nomadic hebrews maybe 4000 years ago and has grown into a cult of devastating proportions. Millions of otherwise sane individuals have been corrupted by its empty promise of eternal life in perpetual bliss. People who otherwise are rational have accepted this myth and are helpless to remove it from their lives. Most often they have no desire to remove it.

People are captured by it in their formative years due to forced exposure by well meaning parents who have already been poisoned by it. They know full well that if they can induce this distorted thought into forming minds, that person will never be free.

The only hope for humanity is that this hoax, and others similar to it, will one day be sloughed off. Education is the only answer to this malady.

Public support through tax breaks of religious oriented education institutions must be stopped. Through this backdoor subsidy humanity is funding it’s own demise.     

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