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Being Good, and Being Honest–A Balance…

Being totally honest at times can lead to being immoral. For example, the doctor that tells the patient that he/she is doomed and there is no hope, even if there isn’t, can completely destroy a person in the last hours, … Continue reading

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Morality and Niceness … November 10, 2014

Morality: mo·ral·i·ty noun \mə-ˈra-lə-tē, mȯ-\ : beliefs about what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior : the degree to which something is right and good : the moral goodness or badness of something Nice-ness: (Nice) niceadjective, nicer, nicest.1. … Continue reading

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Morality Is Not Disposable…. May 12, 2014

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Morality is Relative … January 27, 2013

Recently I posted the following on my Facebook timeline: “It seems to me that a lot of people have the meaning of tolerance and the meaning of acceptance confused. I tolerate quite a bit, but I do not accept all … Continue reading

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Step Back and Take a Look … February 6, 2013

Many a Christian, engaged in a desperate attempt to save my soul, has claimed that when they surrendered to god to have had a supernatural experience. With the entrance of the spirit of god these people assert a cleansing of … Continue reading

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Morality Existed Long Before Religion January 17, 2013

Many a theist claims that morality originated, emanates, from religion. My claim, and my claim is shared by many individuals, including many doing work with primates, is that morality came before religion. Religion came along and co-opted pre-existing moral perceptions. … Continue reading

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Modern Christianity’s Newest Attempt to Separate Itself From It’s Bloody Past

Christianity’s culpability in many wars and atrocities is well documented. From the Crusades to witch hunts and from its utilization in the motivation of a peoples toward war, Christianity’s  involvement is unquestionable. Yet, in the face of this evidence there … Continue reading

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On the Origins of Morality

The Origin of Religion The numerous religions of mankind may have a more primitive origin than we realize. They may have an origin directly linked to an instinctual primal emotional state, specifically, fear. Many have proposed that religion arose out … Continue reading

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Conversations With a Local Pastor

December 22, 2010 was a very interesting day. On that evening I met with a local pastor who had indicated his purpose in asking for the meeting would be to question me about my worldview. Although the conversation didn’t seem … Continue reading

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