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Humanism? … August 18, 2014

hu•man•ist (ˈhyu mə nɪst; often ˈyu-)n. 1. a person with a strong concern for human welfare, values, and dignity. 2. a person devoted to or versed in the humanities, esp. a classical scholar. 3. a student of human nature or … Continue reading

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Just What Do All those isms Mean? September 24, 2012

a·the·ism (th–zm) n. 1. Disbelief in or denial of the existence of God or gods. 2. The doctrine that there is no God or gods.   secularism [ˈsɛkjʊləˌrɪzəm] n 1. (Philosophy) Philosophy a doctrine that rejects religion, esp. in ethics … Continue reading

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