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The Monkey Wrench… December 8, 2019…

The forefathers of our nation decided to rebel against Britain because of the oppression of differing religions beliefs. As a result our Constitution was made secular, without reference to religion other than to proclaim the freedom thereof. However,  what was … Continue reading

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America’s Shame…America’s Ball-and-Chain January 16, 2013

We as a species measure the years in centuries. Presently we are over a decade into the twenty-first century. Even so, our past beleaguers us. Humanity has made great strides. Our technological wit has tamed rivers, floods, and many of … Continue reading

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What, The Devil? ………………December 10, 2012

It is well known that theists compartmentalize their thinking. Compartmentalize means: To separate into distinct parts, categories, or compartments. What this means is that they can keep science and theology separate within their minds and never use science to scrutinize … Continue reading

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Just Plain Stupid

Religious fundamentalists resist secular educational systems like the public schools and the colleges and universities with good reason. Such seats of higher learning are anathema to the religious dogma that they prefer be instilled within their children. If their children … Continue reading

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