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Emotions… a Curse? August 11, 2014

I do not think we will ever have computers, robots, or androids that will be able to pass for human under close scrutiny. Emotions will be the stumbling block of all machines. Software, I think, would be unable to simulate … Continue reading

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I Want An Audience With the Author! ….. May 26, 2014

Here I sit, inactive. I have been told I have no free will. What will happen is predestined. So, having given up the futility of making the decisions of what it is to do next, I await the predestined actions … Continue reading

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Now Hold On, You Are Still Responsible! … December 18, 2013

Good grief! Is it possible that determinism is a correct viewpoint? Is it possible that there is no free will? Perspectives, vantage points of viewing things, can change one’s opinion. The question I found troubling is: How can you make … Continue reading

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The Law of No Free Will … August 28, 2013

The year was 2024 and by proclamation it was publicly declared that free will did not exist. Legislatures everywhere had been convinced by numerous well-meaning but ultimately ignorant philosophers and others that no one could be held responsible for any … Continue reading

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Free Will……………….March 26, 2012

Sam Harris, noted atheist and author, does not seem to think free will exists. He has described how our actions, our decisions, occur in our brains several seconds before they are acted upon. He asks where our thoughts originate. How … Continue reading

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