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The Nazis Demonized the Jews…. August 19, 2018

To start… there has never been a patriarchy. There was a group of rich people that suppressed and controlled everyone, but… they were not all men… and they weren’t all white. The KKK was a rebellion against those who sought … Continue reading

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Don’t Speak to Them, Do Not Interact With Them if Possible, and Certainly, Do Not Patronize Any Businesses Owned By Feminists … February 8, 2014

There is among us a group of haters. Many among this group are unaware that they hate. Those that are unaware are victims of this group just as much as those they hate. There are many names given to this … Continue reading

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What Incredible Arrogance! …. March 31, 2014

This post is about procreation, reproduction, and a feminist’s insistence that a man should have no part other than contributing his genetic material. Feminist’s insist that abortion be an “on demand” right and that men should have no say one … Continue reading

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Assume Not Lest Ye Be Assumed … January 22, 2014

Now here’s a post that might rile some friends. I must however address this lest someone make some flawed assumptions. Many assume that to be an atheist (I made this error) one must support feminism. Well, I did at first, … Continue reading

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