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Now, Again, But With Feeling … January 19, 2015

Empathy is the ability to experience, or know, what someone else is experiencing. It is thought to be a product of neurons within the brain called “mirror-neurons”. People commonly experience this phenomenon when they yawn in response to someone else’s … Continue reading

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Too Rude and Crude … November 13, 2013

There are many people who claim that they are outspoken, straightforward, to-the- point, or frank. They are proud of this habit of speaking without any notion of civility. If someone is hurt all the better as sometimes, it is asserted, … Continue reading

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Without a Care in the World … August 21, 2013

People say things and do things that hurt worse than any knife. Incidents happen that embarrass to such a degree that you wish you could crawl away and hide. Small things occur in life that are magnified by careless words, … Continue reading

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