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Present Thoughts on Fetal Development and Abortion… August 27, 2017

What are the moral reasons that precipitate the need for abortion to be available and safe? Rape, Incest, mother’s health, and fetal development. Rape would include the qualification that if either party, male or female, were under age it would … Continue reading

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Abortion Revisited… April 20, 2015

Back in January I wrote about my world vision asking the reader if they were possibly in agreement and therefore compatible. Here is what I wrote: I feel very strongly that abortion should be available as a safe and legal … Continue reading

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What Incredible Arrogance! …. March 31, 2014

This post is about procreation, reproduction, and a feminist’s insistence that a man should have no part other than contributing his genetic material. Feminist’s insist that abortion be an “on demand” right and that men should have no say one … Continue reading

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Aren’t You Glad You Weren’t Aborted? … September 16, 2013

This issue is never settled. It never will be completely settled unless the education level becomes greater. The question in the title: “Aren’t you glad you weren’t aborted?” is asked in many pro-life pleadings. The answer is, of course, everyone … Continue reading

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Roe Vs. Wade… March 13, 2013

Roe Vs. Wade, a decision of the Supreme Court on abortion, has passed its fortieth anniversary date. This decision has at least one thing in common with the Constitution of the United States in that the religious have fought to … Continue reading

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The Value of Life

What is wrong with supporting the sanctity of life? Absolutely nothing! Life is a precious commodity despite the overpopulation of the earth. Presently, the planet earth is the only place where life is known to exist. If the scientists are … Continue reading

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Conversations With a Local Pastor

December 22, 2010 was a very interesting day. On that evening I met with a local pastor who had indicated his purpose in asking for the meeting would be to question me about my worldview. Although the conversation didn’t seem … Continue reading

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