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That Should Cover It…

I am tired of people that make repeated, perhaps eternal, claims of victimhood. They have played the role so long, so loud, that I have become numb to them. I will no longer hear them. I will throw the claim … Continue reading

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Idiots That Dismiss Their Feelings… June 17, 2018

Emotions must have an evolutionary advantage, otherwise, why are they? It is true that emotions create some division between peoples, in that, emotionally, you are most apt to reject differences between groups because of “gut” feelings. These emotions cannot be … Continue reading

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The Vulnerable You…. June 10, 2018

Innate qualities within humans when they are born render them extremely vulnerable to religion. Humans are born with an innate conception of their mothers, someone more powerful, a source of nourishment, and protection. Later, as the child matures, this conception … Continue reading

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The Pits of Despair…

Many of those suffering repeatedly proclaim that others do not understand the depths of their depression. To those I say… I have been there. Thankfully, I do not linger there for more than a day at most and most times … Continue reading

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