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A Slanted World, Adverse to Mankind… May 27, 2018

I do not support the gynocentric state of society in the United States. Having everything oriented to serve and support women is extremely sexist. From education to health care the nation is slanted toward the benefit of women. All the … Continue reading

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Be A Human Being? … May 20, 2018

Although there seems to be some inherent qualities within the human species, compassion and caring does not seem among them. What seems more inherent in the human species is aggression and violence… selfishness. If humans are to improve their lot … Continue reading

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Human? …

Are people saying anything at all encouraging when they say they are human? Humans do so many horrible and disgusting things. They speak absolutely incredible obscenities. Are they not all human? Is what they do human? How can humanity hold … Continue reading

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Contemplations… May 6, 2018

There are pluses and minuses to consider. Sometimes I am close, oh so very close, but then either the goal moves or the goal is too far. If I do this, I have to give up that, but I gain … Continue reading

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Why “Human” Atheism… May 2, 2018

  How do I differentiate “human” atheism from “regular” atheism. Atheists accuse the religious of adhering to rigid black or white strict doctrine. Yet, then they adhere to strict rules of logic, also unforgiving and rigid. There is nothing human … Continue reading

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