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The End to Everything… April 11, 2018

Death is a terrible thing to think about. I remember as a child the first time I was told that “everybody dies” I cried. Life in those days was grand, with no cares and no worries… I guess I had … Continue reading

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Facebook Protected Groups… April 10, 2018

Facebook has protected groups. Transgenders, gays, and women are considered protected groups. Others may exist. You can say nothing disparaging against those protected groups. If you do you face a prolonged banishment from Facebook. However, white males are fair game. … Continue reading

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Who Cares? April 8, 2018

Sometimes I want to write and nothing comes. Other times a topic rises from the sewage around me, but alas, I am away from my computer, and then the topic seems to submerge itself back into the black ooze.  A … Continue reading

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Paths Chosen… April 1, 2018

Although there are many paths there is also a precipice. None of them are easy to see. You might find that on any of them that you cannot go back. There are crossroads, all one way, upon which big changes … Continue reading

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