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Macabre Solution, or No Solution to Guns…February 26, 2018

The topic of guns in schools is of high interest of late. Many suggest that teachers be armed so that they might react to intruders. What is forgotten is that teachers are human beings. AI has not been used in … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Humanity February 25, 2018

Here today, gone tomorrow. The transient nature of the life of human beings. Nothing is permanent. A building goes up, a building goes down. One moment an Oasis, next moment a desert. Ever changing. So short is life that one … Continue reading

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God Does Not Exist … February 18, 2018

I am an atheist and I say “God does not exist”. “Oh, you can’t say that… there might be a god somewhere!” Yes, I can. The “gods, or Gods” humans now worship have origins that are known. Even so, since … Continue reading

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Being Good, and Being Honest–A Balance…

Being totally honest at times can lead to being immoral. For example, the doctor that tells the patient that he/she is doomed and there is no hope, even if there isn’t, can completely destroy a person in the last hours, … Continue reading

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New Programming…

Regrettably, there are some program changes that must be made. This is for my protection. There is a wide swath of the internet using populace that can no longer be trusted. This is the result of feminism and the so-called … Continue reading

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Abnormal is Not Normal … February 11, 2018

There are many who work daily spreading propaganda attempting to depict abnormal as normal. Just today a “science” site attempted to persuade readers that being mentally abnormal is normal. There will never come a time when the corrupt human society … Continue reading

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Atheism Means Non-belief, and Nothing More…

Once again I find myself addressing an issue I have addressed before. That is because people still make assumptions. People and groups both make assumptions about the members of their groups. This causes division and destroys the effectiveness of the … Continue reading

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