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Gawd in the Schools…. May 28, 2017

Many Christians bemoan often, too often, that Gawd has been taken out of the schools. By this they seem to mean that religious instruction and rituals have been forbidden for the administrators of school systems. The error here is clear. … Continue reading

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“Dear Humans” …

Why is it permissible for small groups that have been designated disadvantaged (however that is determined) to spit racist epithets and take racist actions? Liberal circles usually remark that race is a construct, that we are all just humans with … Continue reading

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Cap’n, There Be Morons Among Us … May 14, 2017

I find it difficult to care about the human species any more. However, there is something that must be said about the morons residing amidst the general population. These morons are those individuals that consider laws and rules as not … Continue reading

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Collateral Damage and the Butterfly Effect… May 7, 2017

Idealists want to change the world into some imagined utopia. Like many imagined things, these changes often do not translate well in the real world. Many times the idealist will think that if they change one aspect of society than … Continue reading

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Why Religious Fundamentalists Should Never Hold Public Office…

Although they do not hold to a religion and many consider themselves atheists I include among the religious fundamentalists those on the radical far left that hold to ideologies of many kinds. The main reason I object to these fundamentalists … Continue reading

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My Indictment of the Feminist Movement… May 5, 2017

Feminism is still around. Equal rights have been attained, but feminism persists. They point at the wage gap, a gap obtained solely by taking all men’s wages and comparing them to all women’s wages. There is no real gap, but … Continue reading

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The Failure of Female Secular Writers… May 3, 2017

I find that I cannot read the stories written by female secular writers. It seems their writing has been tainted by the ideology of feminism. Invariably they denigrate and disparage men, blaming men for all of their personal failings in … Continue reading

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