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Why I Reject The American Humanist Association…

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Contagion in a Closed Room… My Skin is Crawling… May 22, 2016

PC, politically correct and progressive demands that everyone accommodate every fetish imaginable. Society is forced to accept the presence of what amounts to a contagion… in a room of finite size… and close the door. With skin crawling, everyone looks … Continue reading

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Compassion and Caring Roadblock May 15, 2016

I find myself having difficulty having compassion and caring for people who experience overdoses of illegal drugs. It troubles me that tax dollars go for treatments of these self-inflicted problems. A recent case of a heroin overdose brought this to … Continue reading

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Big Brother is Really Big Sister… May 8, 2016

The Constitution says innocent until proven guilty. However, in the court of public opinion people are condemned daily, without due process… and for many that means ruined careers and lives. The stigma of such condemnation sticks like hot tar on … Continue reading

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List of the Untrustworthy … May 7, 2016

A list of groups of individuals who I have found Untrustworthy. Conservative far right Progressive left Libertarians Green Party Politicians Feminists Humanists Part thereof, but not listed: criminals, dictators, Big business, the rich, and more. Members of those listed may … Continue reading

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The Lone Ranter Rides Again … May 1, 2016

Well, it’s time again. My hackles have once again been raised by that which defies the bounds of logic, that evil that permeates our time, the betrayers of half the human species… stinkin’ feminists. There once was an old woman, … Continue reading

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