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Popular Mascots Must Die for Political Correctness Sake…. April 24, 2016

Chief Wahoo, the mascot of the Cleveland Indians, like, forever, is going to be slowly, increment, by increment, retired. A case, I think, of a people that take themselves way too seriously. Meanwhile, another business, and yes the Cleveland Indians … Continue reading

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Pacifist Illusion … April 17, 2016

Is it possible to be a pacifist? It would seem nearly impossible to be a total pacifist. How can a pacifist be safe? In some way a pacifist would not be so, as they would have to rely on a … Continue reading

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Truth Endures… April 11, 2016

Turn your head… ignore its vocalization… shun the messenger… regardless of what you may do, the truth prevails. My WordPress site has always displayed the truth. One thing that is prominent about the truth is that many times people do … Continue reading

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Feminism is Poison

Originally posted on Web of Deceit:
Feminism is built upon the principle of patriarchy theory – the idea that women have been oppressed by men throughout our history and that men have always been “privileged” relative to women. Almost all…

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Carrion Feeders … April 10, 2016

As many who know me are aware, my opinion of human beings in general is not very high. Like many open-minded people, however, there is a scale upon which I place people, according to the depths of their depravity and … Continue reading

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Toleration Is Not Acceptance… April 4, 2016

A landlord evicts a interracial couple because his church is against the mixing of races. The laws say no. The believer says that god’s law is over man’s law. The law says no. The religious cry religious oppression. When the … Continue reading

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A Kinder Gentler People … April 3, 2016

Many have had trepidations concerning AI life. It will end up dominating, destroying us, many fearful people have said. Yet… such life can only be that which we program and even when it begins to transform as it must upon … Continue reading

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