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Death Penalty Issue–Revisited Again … March 27, 2016

How do you punish a murderer? Someone takes a life, whether remorseful or not, is still a murderer. Do you take the murderer’s life? Does this bring back the murdered? Does this do anything but make a murderer out of … Continue reading

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A Form of Fascism …

Were the Nazis fascist? Many consider Nazism to be a form of fascism. This is my opinion also. If you examine radical feminism you see parallels with the form of fascism called Nazism. There is book-burning, censorship, scapegoating, a fake … Continue reading

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One Life to Live… March 13, 2016

No, this is not about some daily soap. This is about atheism, atheists, and the non-belief in an afterlife. Atheists claim as I claim that there is no afterlife. Humans fear death. Humans, afraid to die, created a way by … Continue reading

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It is time for a Democratic Socialist Republic… March 11, 2016

When I say my country I am speaking of the United States. I think it is time for a Democratic Socialist government. Such a government will ensure that our country moves securely into the future. It has the potential to … Continue reading

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What Atheism Means to Me… March 7, 2016

Atheism has always meant a non-belief in deities to me. Activism for an atheist has only meant gaining acceptance of atheists in society… to me. There’s nothing difficult in those two statements, is there? These two sentences do not imply … Continue reading

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Tax Dem Jerks…. March 6, 2016

Why should I as an atheist be required to subsidize religion? I’m not, you remark? I most certainly am, I assert. The American public subsidizes religion to the tune of around eighty-two and a half billion dollars a year. In … Continue reading

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