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The Death of the Good Samaritan… February 28, 2016

  My my… litigation here, litigation there, litigation everywhere. Some people are learning that it simply does not pay to be a good samaritan. A woman helped pull her friend out of a burning car that she feared might explode … Continue reading

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Consider the Possibility That There is No God, or god… February 21, 2016

  Good and evil has always been an issue for humanity. God was supposed to be good, Satan… evil. Of course, examining the bible made it difficult to judge which was which. With a million or deaths attributable to god … Continue reading

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Anti-Society … February 14, 2016

I am not anti-social, though I am anti-society and that makes me shun society. This revelation or might it be termed shock came to me within the last couple of years. I have through observation gleaned a stark truth: Society … Continue reading

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January–The Month of Death … February 7, 2016

Bleak, dead, and monotonous are the words I use to describe the scenery in January. A depressing time, it seems, to me when outdoor activities are attenuated unless you are a hardy individual whose metabolism is so high you are … Continue reading

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