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On the Topic of Same Sex Marriage … January 31, 2016

  The Myth: The majority of people now parrot the politically correct progressive narrative that people who are gay are born that way. Personally, I never have. In my opinion it is upbringing and their surroundings which determine orientation. Science … Continue reading

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Afraid of Death… January 24, 2016

A product never seen, yet there are millions that accept it exists. Heaven, eternal life, is such a product. You can’t see it… till you die. You can’t come back and tell anyone that it exists. It is as real … Continue reading

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The Aliens Are Here Already, Get Over It… January 17, 2016

Many people have seen UFOs. I have. The question of the existence of UFOs then seems a given, they exist, what is known is what they are, if some agency is guiding them, if being guided… who is doing the … Continue reading

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The Cost of Being Politically Incorrect… January 10, 2016

Society has a narrative going. By that, I mean it has a direction, that it is being clandestinely guided. The people doing this guiding consider themselves well-meaning and are called SJWs. They think they know what is best for you … Continue reading

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Non-believer Belief… January 3, 2016

Many atheists hold ideological beliefs. Mystifyingly they claim that they rely on reason and logic, yet grasp tenaciously upon untrue ideological beliefs. What are some of these? 1. Feminism… there is no basis for the belief in a patriarchal entity. … Continue reading

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A Vampire or Worse… January 2, 2016

What reaction is in order for someone who has negatively affected your life? What if that person is a relative? What about what could be a mentally disturbed relative? What if you’re not sure whether they are mentally disturbed or … Continue reading

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