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It Takes A Special Kind of Monster…

It must take a special kind of monster to be a member of the Republican Party. Such a monster must believe that Social Security, a program that people pay into all their lives, is a charity to which no one … Continue reading

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They Do Not Appreciate…..

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Are You Sitting in the Park Enjoying the Ambience, or Are You Loitering? What Constitutes Loitering? Why Is It Illegal? … October 25, 2015

  Black’s Law Dictionary defines loitering as remaining “in a certain place for no apparent reason.” The Freedictionary defines loitering: loi·ter (loi′tər) intr.v. loi·tered, loi·ter·ing, loi·ters 1. a. To stand idly about; linger without any purpose. b. Law To violate … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of a Late Realization… October 18, 2015

  It is tragic when the idealism of youth begins to fade away and die. When humanity is revealed for what it is rather than what you thought it was the disappointment can be paralyzing. That one word now encompasses … Continue reading

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Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished? … October 11, 2015

►Commentator: Our distinguished panel of experts will debate this controversial topic. First on my left is that all-powerful, all-seeing, all-doing, all-around powerful entity, let’s welcome Jehovah. (Applause) Second we have have that guy from down under, and I don’t mean … Continue reading

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Life or Death? Make Your Choice … October 4, 2015

Which is the greater crime? Which act is most immoral? Choose between murder and rape. Life, existence, is better than non-existence, death, in my opinion. If your other choice is to be murdered what would you choose? What if choosing … Continue reading

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