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Human Inhumanity … September 27, 2015

Despite the fact that humans possess the capacities of sympathy and empathy and the resultant compassion there have been and continue to be atrocities committed by humans on humans. How do these humans continue to function knowing what they are … Continue reading

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The United Nations Must Go! … September 25, 2015

There are many reasons that the United Nations must leave our shores. It has become a foe of the United States, as those in charge are our enemies. Our enemies eye the successes of the United States and wish to … Continue reading

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The Expendability Factor … September 20, 2015

Just finished watching a documentary about WWII. It proposed the possibility that FDR knew about the impending attack of Japan upon Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and not only that but had taken steps previously to provoke the Japanese into attacking. … Continue reading

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What Is An Ad Hominem Attack … September 13, 2015

An ad hominem attack is used when there are no rational arguments remaining to support your position. This is when you attack your opponents character or personal traits rather than addressing the issue at hand. There are many politically correct … Continue reading

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Becoming Less Reactive… September 6, 2015

Knee-jerk reactions to issues tends to give the false impression that you are an individual with less than average intelligence. Also, with attendant anger, stress levels are increased to dangerous levels. Such stress wears heavily on mental and bodily resilience. … Continue reading

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