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The concept of the oppression of women in America is a myth created by feminists in an attempt to take power. Along with the myth of oppression (by some vague nebulous patriarchal means) the feminists also created other myths to … Continue reading

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Friendships Possess an Expiration Date … August 23, 2015

Whether desirable or not all friendships have an expiration date. The ebb and flow of life causes people to change over time. Commonalities fade and disappear whether the memory of them remains or fades as well. The connections that brought … Continue reading

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Accepting the Inevitable … August 16, 2015

The naïve idealism of youth desires possibilities outside the realm of reality. There is more hope present in the youthful mind than is duly warranted. When you reach an age of maturity the true nature of things becomes more clear. … Continue reading

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Sometimes All We Have to go on Is a Gut Feeling… August 9 2015

“Are emotions irrelevant to morality? If you have a gut instinct that something is wrong, is it really wrong, or is the emotion just an echo of what you believe, rather than what is real? Is not intuition in fact … Continue reading

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Cold Logic and Reason … August 2, 2015

Would we want a society that was ruled by logic and reason alone? A number of people have suggested that it would be a better world than that ruled by religion. What if the world was ruled by such edicts … Continue reading

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