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Shhhhhhhhhh! May 18, 2015

Shhhhhhhh! There are certain things you cannot speak of. There are issues covered by the veil of political correctness that have mandated directives as to what you must think about them. To buck the current of the crowd is to … Continue reading

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How Feminism is Like a Religion … May 11, 2015

As an atheist I see religion as being a totally fictitious belief system or ideology. There is no deity, no god or gods, as its foundation. Its roots can be found in myriad prior religions, and among the many myths … Continue reading

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Coexist? … May 4, 2015

     Maybe you have seen those bumper stickers proclaiming “coexist”. The people displaying these bumper stickers are expressing the desire that all religions live in cooperation and peace. The majority of religions teach that they are the only path to … Continue reading

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