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A Misanthrope’s Rant …. April 27, 2015

The stereotypical man is usually perceived as the protector, the courageous defender, the provider. As a result of the way society treats its males, this model, this stereotype, has become obsolete. There is a definite anti-male slant in Western society. … Continue reading

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Abortion Revisited… April 20, 2015

Back in January I wrote about my world vision asking the reader if they were possibly in agreement and therefore compatible. Here is what I wrote: I feel very strongly that abortion should be available as a safe and legal … Continue reading

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Free Speech has Consequences… (for immediate posting)

I have written upon this topic before. Actually, these two topics before. Feminism and free speech. I think supporters of feminism need to be shunned. On the other hand I support free speech. Everyone should realize that free speech carries … Continue reading

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Objective Morality … April 13, 2015

Many liberals as well as Conservatives have asserted that Islamic countries mistreat their women and also that they enforce a style of justice that is barbaric. Conservatives believe in a god for the most part. Their god provides for them … Continue reading

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The Human Species is a Disgrace … April 6, 2015

The fact that the human species is a disgrace is not debatable. There are many facets to this issue. It is why the human species is a disgrace, not if. Of all the species on this world, humans are the … Continue reading

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