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Bridge For Sale … Cheap, Just Your Eternal Soul … January 26, 2015

  Existence is preferred over non-existence. Something is desired over nothing. Even the adolescent teenager that possesses no maturity imagines themselves able to observe from some higher plane the aftermath of their suicide “to get even, or make them sorry”. … Continue reading

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Now, Again, But With Feeling … January 19, 2015

Empathy is the ability to experience, or know, what someone else is experiencing. It is thought to be a product of neurons within the brain called “mirror-neurons”. People commonly experience this phenomenon when they yawn in response to someone else’s … Continue reading

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Don’t Speak to Them, Do Not Interact With Them if Possible, and Certainly, Do Not Patronize Any Businesses Owned By Feminists … February 8, 2014

There is among us a group of haters. Many among this group are unaware that they hate. Those that are unaware are victims of this group just as much as those they hate. There are many names given to this … Continue reading

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There is no Intention, Just Indifference January 5, 2015

Hurricanes, floods, tornados, drought, dust storms, and tsunami; all natural scourges humans and animals alike have faced since the beginning of existence. Ancient humans decided there must be some cause for these horrible tragedies. They fabricated a cause: Gods, demons. … Continue reading

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