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Is Christianity a Myth? …. September 29, 2014

If one examines the Egyptian Sun God Ra many similarities will be noted between Ra and the story of Jesus. In fact, the stories nearly parallel. It is apparent that the story of Jesus was plagiarized from the Sun God’s … Continue reading

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The Last Sane Man … September 22, 2014

“Does believing you’re the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?” said Spooner. The march is slow, determined, and unstoppable. Many are aware of the fate which is approaching. Among them there are desperate cries to take action. … Continue reading

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Sanity Ignored … September 15, 2014

  As the world and its inhabitants decay into decadence and inevitable extinction, I watch. I really thought I would feel more sorrow at humanity’s demise. Even knowing that my own existence depended upon many of those degrading before my … Continue reading

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Sick of Humans… September 8, 2014

Crude and rude people seem to be the majority among humans. Some even value their crude-rude behavior above all other behavior saying things like “ I value brute honesty no matter how hurtful and scathing.” Honesty, it is true, is … Continue reading

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