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What Incredible Arrogance! …. March 31, 2014

This post is about procreation, reproduction, and a feminist’s insistence that a man should have no part other than contributing his genetic material. Feminist’s insist that abortion be an “on demand” right and that men should have no say one … Continue reading

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Fiddling While Rome Burns ….

Men just do not want to hear it. The fact that their wives and daughters are part of an organization whose goal is to emasculate him and other males is not something they seem able to comprehend. So the movement … Continue reading

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Screw the Environment, he said.

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Feminism: Not the Movement You Thought It Was … March 24, 2014

Thanks to the feminist movement in a few decades men have gone from being respected protective members of the family to being depicted in TV and Movies as buffoons. You cannot name one recent program or movie where men are … Continue reading

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Hey, Did You Sign Up For This? … March 17, 2014

drug·gie also drug·gy (drŭg′ē) n. pl. drug·gies Slang One that takes or is addicted to drugs When you decided that the definition of atheist described your belief system did you think that you were going to be rubbing elbows with … Continue reading

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Feminism and Feminists… What is it or They Good For? …. Nothing! ……March 9, 2014.

Feminism was predicated on two lies. One lie is that there was a patriarchy, a male dominated hierarchy determined to oppress women. Two, that any man actively oppressed women. Women held public office even before they had the vote. A … Continue reading

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MJ–Touted as Cure-all … March 03, 2014

Various postings I have seen on Facebook have asserted, actually asserted, health benefits in smoking Marijuana. It is, I admit, a proven fact that marijuana can inhibit pain in some suffering individuals, but, they need not smoke it. Some of … Continue reading

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Assumptions Are Naughty.

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