Relevance … October 7, 2013

Relevant? Significant? Importance? None of these words seem to encompass the meaning desired. If any come close it may be relevance.

1.having direct bearing on the matter in hand; pertinent

Yet, this meaning seems to pertain only to transient matters, rather than on-going ones.

Would it be proper to say:

I have decided to eliminate or discard those acquaintances that are no longer relevant to my life. That would seem more long term, yet, is the usage correct?

Perhaps the second meaning: pertinent … indicates a longer duration.

Pertinent: pertaining or relating directly and significantly to the matter at hand; relevant: pertinent details.

No, it seems it is also related only to present rather than future conditions. “to the matter at hand”.

Perhaps contrary is the word I seek.

Would it be proper to say:

I have decided to eliminate or discard those acquaintances that are contrary to my principles or contrary in that they are always disagreeable.

Always would have to be key here. Disagreeing always indicates an individual is disagreeing simply to be disagreeable. Some may argue that it may simply be that I am always wrong and that’s why they always disagree, and I don’t think that to be the case, that is, that I am always wrong.

Then there are those whose game seems to be playing “devil’s advocate”.

Discarding of acquaintances has little to do with that anyway. Arguments between individuals about different issues is a necessary component of everyday socializing. No one can agree about everything.

Perhaps avoidance or avoid, would be a better thing than to simply eliminate. Those who are not relevant may become relevant at a later date.

Determining who is relevant and who is not, though appearing a simple task, in the end, is not. People tend to come and go and return, only to leave again,during one’s life. Paths cross and crisscross repeatedly.

Perhaps it’s those who I find most irritating, most disagreeable without good reason, that I should avoid. Those that throw a damp cloth on the most exciting affairs. Those who dwell in a land of despair and despite your most heroic efforts, remain there. These emotional vampires, who leave you drained.

Maybe it’s those that have immense egos, who never fail to tell you how right they are and how wrong you are. Those bloated egos that, despite the truth, can never admit their errors. They simply are incapable, they think, of making a mistake and usually imply it was your doing, your fault, if they did. They are incapable of taking responsibility.

Who will fit the classification of irrelevance?

It takes all kinds, it is said. To eliminate one class is to eliminate needed diversity. But can stress be called desirable? Have you ever been hollowed out by some leach who leaves you drained and seeking relief? Wouldn’t it be to one’s advantage to avoid them if possible?

And those towering egos, how does one go about avoiding them, especially since great numbers of them are in positions of authority? Usually your boss at work, sometimes a politician, a judge, or other public figure.

We all do what we can, and I will do the same.


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