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The Law of No Free Will … August 28, 2013

The year was 2024 and by proclamation it was publicly declared that free will did not exist. Legislatures everywhere had been convinced by numerous well-meaning but ultimately ignorant philosophers and others that no one could be held responsible for any … Continue reading

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Are You Perfect? … August 27, 2013

Perspectives are generated by one’s own mental faculties. They are formed and come into being as a product of past observations and derivations based on even older observations and derivations. That is the way the brain works when encountering new … Continue reading

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Genital Mutilation..Is it For Your Child? … August 26, 2013

The horrors of female circumcision are well-known. Why it is performed is usually due to cultural and religious reasons: Hygienic and aesthetic. The external female genitalia are considered dirty and “unsightly” and should be flat, rigid and dry; Sociological. Identification … Continue reading

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Without a Care in the World … August 21, 2013

People say things and do things that hurt worse than any knife. Incidents happen that embarrass to such a degree that you wish you could crawl away and hide. Small things occur in life that are magnified by careless words, … Continue reading

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The Recipe For Success… August 21, 2013

Hold your finger up to the wind and find which way it is blowing. Then, with a mighty heave, throw yourself in the same direction and drift with the current. Find a group of people and over time observe and … Continue reading

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Tolerate the Intolerable? … August 19, 2013

Do this or I keel you. Do this or you will suffer an ever-lasting death. Obey or burn in hell. Believe this or die infidel, non-believer, heathen. I have heard it said that Christianity invented a disease, sin, in order … Continue reading

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The Need For Speed … August 14, 2013

I enter the ramp for the freeway and accelerate. My trusty steed, my Honda Silverwing, does not hesitate to answer my call. As I enter the freeway I have reached the posted speed limit. Soon, I notice, a car approaching. … Continue reading

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Both Judge and Jury… August 12, 2013

Good and bad results from technology as we all can agree. When it was discovered that by arranging radioactive uranium in precise configurations that fission results the claims for cheap, perhaps free, generation of electrical power were exciting. That was … Continue reading

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Whosis, Part Three to Finish. August 7, 2013

Chapter Three – Truce First a faint blur, then the image begins to lighten, a nurse, bending over Allen, materializes to his returning consciousness. “What am I doing here?” he asks. A neck brace keeps him from turning to fully … Continue reading

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Why No E? …August 7, 2013

A, B, C, D, F, wait… wait… where’s the E? Ever wonder why you received an assortment of grades while in school, but not an E? Early records of grades received by students did include an E. One record from … Continue reading

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