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The Plastic Facade

Façade: An artificial or deceptive front. Plastic:Marked by artificiality or superficiality; synthetic The Artificial or Synthetic Front. I am very familiar with the plastic front, the plastic smile, I wore it for many years as a worker in the retail … Continue reading

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Oh, For Goodness Sake!

Imagine a world where everyone has sinned, committed immoral acts against some deity, yet no one is culpable. Like leaves blowing in the wind no one has control over their actions, thoughts, destiny. A world where everything is viewed as … Continue reading

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The Origin of Life

The Universe, is it eternal or did it begin in a “Big Bang”. Well, I’m getting older, but I’m not that old, so I wasn’t standing around to see. It could have very well always have been here.  No one … Continue reading

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