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Gotta Have Soul

I recently was tricked into watching a video which questioned the reality of everything we see. It had two parts. The first part was really nothing new, as I have always read and do think everyone’s picture of reality is … Continue reading

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Jesus Found Behind Couch

“Breaking news… Local man finds Jesus hiding behind his living room couch. Details at 11!” “Jane Whitmire here, channel 4 news! An amazing discovery by a local man causes worldwide repercussions. Stand by as I interview Jeremiah Wenland, whose remarkable … Continue reading

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So Significantly Insignificant.

Since ancient times human religions have placed man as the center of all things. I suppose this is a natural leaning, just as a toddler is only interested in self. Of late, within the last few hundred years or so, … Continue reading

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New Arrival

We have a new arrival in our household. Welcome Meowth! Born May 11th, 2011…Here he is, on the right, in a photo with his siblings.

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